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The BIG Picture!

Friday April 29 –  Sunday May 1, 2016
The Deanery Project, Lower Ship Harbour

Join Graham Calder from P3 Permaculture, Montreal to learn about concepts and principals of permaculture design and how we can use them to create sustainable solutions for challenges we face in our gardens, homesteads, communities and our lives.

Course, meals & accommodation $220 (or $200 w/o accommodation)
Some work/trade options are available.
NOTE: Graham’s presentation on Friday, April 29,  7:00- 9:00  is open to all (donations welcome).

emma permie mapOverview of Intro to Permaculture Program
Beyond agriculture or architecture, but borrowing from both, permaculture is a comprehensive design tool that can be used to better our communities, gardens, and lives. By mimicking nature to heal broken systems (both ecological and social) permaculture provides a variety of approaches for positive change.

In this introductory weekend, Graham Calder of P3 Permaculture will walk participants through the basics of permaculture philosophy and design. The weekend is designed to equip participants with the confidence and ability to identify and overcome design problems that surround us.

The first day of the course will focus on the history, ethics, and principles of permaculture, as well as provide an introduction to its design methods.  Examples of permaculture projects from around the world will provide useful case studies.

On day two the group will put theory into practice: together going through the steps of implementing a permaculture design, from observation to the generation of appropriate design strategies for specific local projects.

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