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The Deanery Project is non-profit cooperative focused on the environment, youth and community, natural building, and the arts. It offers both its own programming, and is available for program rentals.

Located in Ship Harbour, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia (60 km. east of Halifax) the beautiful ocean front property provides a wide variety of learning, recreational and research opportunities related to our forests, fields, waters and rural living.

A  community hall with a commercial kitchen, dorm-style accommodation, unique outdoor classrooms as well as diverse camping and trail resources all combine to make the Deanery Project a exceptional location for programs, meetings and special events. Our creative, in-house resource team is available to help develop experiential, place-based learning activities to enrich most program needs.

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sata tour 3^ SATA cyclists adding some colour to the landscape.

Last week we entertained a group of enthusiastic cyclists from the Shore Active Transportation Association (SATA).

SATA’s mandate is to raise awareness about the need for sidewalks, trail extensions, bike friendly paths/lanes and other ways of increasing Active Transportation in and around Porters Lake, and to help facilitate the changes that Porters Lake needs to have in-order to be a safe community for everyone. The association was formed about a year and a half ago, motivated by making it safe for children to walk and bike to school.

Members meet regularly on Thursdays to go on local cycling excursions together, and last Thursday, we were one of the destinations on their tour.

The weather was dreary that day, but twelve keen cyclists showed up for the ride, despite the rain. They began their day at Heritage Village, and arrived here around 10:30. Kim gave a detailed tour of the grounds, explaining the building methods and some of our recent programs and activities to the curious group.

sata tour 4

Everyone packed into our newest building project, now dubbed “the Piccolo,” to learn about the various building methods that went into it. Now we know that our first artist in residence could indeed host a party of at least eight people!


sata tour

After learning all about composting toilets, thatch roofing, and straw bales, the group continued to Owls Head Wharf, Clam Harbour Beach, and then back to Heritage Village to have lunch at the 1940’s cookhouse.



sata tour 2If you would like to know more about SATA, and maybe go for a ride with them, check out their Facebook group here.