Video Release – Welcome to the Deanery Project

We are excited to announce the launch our new series of DIY videos!

First up, we’ve got a little teaser about The Deanery Project.  If you don’t know much about us, this is a great introduction. If you know us, it will make you smile! Subscribe to our channel on our You Tube site to stay tuned for our soon-to-be-released videos on bicycle repair & maintenance, apple tree-pruning, and more!

Thank you to Craig Norris of Videoband for his camera, editing and production work, as well as Rich and Kate for their wonderful music on the project.

Many thanks also to the Province of Nova Scotia Department of Energy/ NS Moves for their support on so many levels for the Bike Hub over the last two years. All the amazing energy and ideas that the Bike Hub has spawned and continues to generate would not have been possible without the vision and dedication of NS Moves to active transportation and our communities.

And finally thank you everyone who helped pull this first series of videos together, it was great fun… there will be more!!!

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