The Walls We’ve All Been Waiting For – Act II. Nov 17, 2013

DSC05191 copyNovember 16 & 17
9am to 4pm

The Deanery would like to thank everyone who came and helped out last weekend. The food was great, and the Hall is already looking amazing.

We are continuing the project until it’s done, so everyone is welcome to come out and lend a hand again this coming weekend.Wayne is hard at it all this week, and could always use an extra set of hands. So if you have a couple spare hours during the day, give us a call (845-1888).

Saturday November 16 is a possible work day. Please call to confirm so that we can plan for jobs.

Definite work day on Sunday November 17, from 9am – 4:00pm with a big push to get the battens finished on the front of the building. Come out for an hour, the afternoon, or the whole day. Food contributions are always appreciated to help keep everyone energized.

Anyone planning to drive out from the city who has room, please let us know if you have extra seats so that we can arrange car pools for people.

Come out to visit during our next open house on December 3. It will be a great opportunity to check out the Main Hall in it’s new finery!

Please call or email if you have questions or to RSVP.

Phone: 902-845-1888


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