Two Nights to Remember – SeaLight SkyLight

Upwards of 275 people participated in this year’s two-day SeaLight SkyLight celebration at the Deanery Project. Planning any event on the Eastern Shore that requires a clear sky is always an iffy proposition. But even on the first overcast evening, there was still plenty to see and do, from presentations on night skies and photo-photons to never-ending platters of delicious gingerbread and fresh popcorn in the main hall. The parade of painted lanterns down to the shore to the evening’s display of bioluminescence led by our resident snowy owl was magnificent once again.

And on the 2nd evening, we were blessed with what this star-lover thinks was one of the clearest nights of the entire summer, with the Milky Way stretching across the sky from horizon to horizon like a gentle smear of sparkling butter spread on black bread, making it easy for everyone to see the Perseid meteor shower, complete with a couple of blazing fireballs.

It’s not easy to pick out a favorite moment or two, but at the end of the first night, the blend of darkness and utter stillness was a sublime backdrop for the delicate intensity of Ostrea Lake’s music.

And on the starry, starry 2nd night, I loved lying on a picnic table looking up at the Milky Way, while listening to the warmth of the loving conversations from the blurry knots of groups of friends and families with kids, with sudden eruptions of oohs and aahs for a particularly striking shooting star.

If you wanted to hear the creation of a shared community around the values that the Deanery professes, it would be hard to improve on those comforting sounds of familiarity mixed with wonder.

Thank you to everyone who attended on both evenings, we can’t wait to see you at The Deanery Project again soon. If you haven’t yet signed on to receive our bi-monthly newsletter please sign up on the home page of our web site  it is a great way to stay in touch with what is happening at the Deanery Project contact list.


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