The Seedling Startup Launch!

We are eager to spread the word about our new “Seedling Startup” project!

Back in December, we began constructing our first greenhouse on site with help from community members. The greenhouse will function as a community space as we invite 15 individuals or families from the local area to get an early start on planting seeds for their home gardens. Our plan is for members to get together every couple of weeks or so, from late March until early June, to plant and care for their seedlings. Deanery staff will continue to look after the seedlings in between meet-ups. Once the danger of frost is past, the seedlings will be transplanted into members’ home gardens.  Members could take home up to 200 seedlings!

Gardening meet-ups will feature skill sharing workshops, potlucks and of course conversations around gardening practices and challenges in our area. They will be an opportunity for folks to learn, network and get their hands dirty together!

The first Seedling Startup gathering will be Saturday, February 24th from 10:30 – noon at the Deanery. We will decide then which seeds to purchase or share, and make a plan for the season.

All are welcome to come by for coffee, snacks and some great gardening conversation. If you can’t make it, but would still like to get involved, please email and we’ll be happy to keep you in the loop!

Hope to be growing with you soon.

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