Rise & Stuff: Sourdough Bread & Sausage Workshop. Sept. 8, 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013. 10am. | $60

Join us for a day of baking and charcuterie at the Deanery Project. Sourdough aficionado and Gold Island Bakery proprietor Jess Ross and prolific purveyor of perfect Pork Al Melnyk will introduce workshop participants to their processes for making Sourdough Bread and Sausages from scratch.

Jess Ross will lead participants step by step through working with their own sourdough starter, making a bread sponge and creating a dough ready for baking. The final products will be baked in a wood fired cob oven located on the Deanery property.

Al Melnyk will take us through buying and preparing cuts of meat, seasoning, and stuffing sausages in a variety of styles. Using the coals from the bread oven fire we will barbecue the final products for a celebratory dinner of our own creation.

$60 includes all supplies and dinner of Bread and Sausages (potluck items welcome).

To Register email: thedeaneryproject@gmail.com or call 902-459-1888

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