Natural Building

Key natural building themes include:

  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials
  • Low environmental impact design and construction, including energy efficiency
  • Low carbon footprint in the transportation and disposal of building materials.

All buildings at the Deanery Project incorporate a variety of low-impact building techniques from straw bale construction and earth plasters to cob and cob-wood to living roofs. Each project we undertake offers learners hands-on work experience with different building techniques and materials and creates additional demonstration models that serve to educate and inspire.

Our experienced resource team has a wide array of design/build/planning and management skills focused on affordable, beautiful, energy efficient construction. We provide consulting support in a collaborative style on planned new-build or renovation projects.

Typically we work with people who want to retrofit existing structures to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, or on greenfields projects from the selection of an appropriate site through to the design, planning and construction of a new structure.

The Deanery Project has become a leader in the Province in the demonstration of natural building materials and methods, such as straw bale construction, cob, light straw clay, living roofs, hempcrete, rocket stoves and natural finishes like earth plasters and milk-based paints. These construction methods significantly reduce or even eliminate many toxic construction materials. The reliance on locally sourced materials reduces transportation costs and associated CO2 production.

Our Natural Building Projects

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