“How to Spy On Bees” & Intro to Earth Building. Sept. 21, 2013

leafcutter bee potter wasp nests

Saturday, September 21, 2013. 1:30-9 | $5 for members, $10 for non-members

An afternoon and evening exploring the installation art of Sarah Peebles’ audio bee booths, cob construction, and the “shoh”.

Sarah Peebles is a Toronto-based composer, audio artist, improviser and installation artist. Her practice includes digitally manipulated found sound for radio and live performance, acoustic and amplified improvisation on the shoh and environmental art installations.

You are invited to a presentation with Sarah Peebles from 1:30 – 3:00 where she will talk about a bee booth she is building at the Deanery Project. Kim Thompson will then introduce several basic earth construction techniques during which participants will be able to contribute hands-on to Sarah’s wood and earth installation. Bee booths provide living quarters for local bees and wasps, and are valuable teaching tools.

Stay for an evening potluck and music jam to hear Sarah play the “shoh”, a free-reed instrument from Japan. Clarinet, accordion, guitars, percussion and whatever else you bring, will round out the sound.

About a third of Canada’s wild bees are solitary bees which nest in pre-formed tunnels, such as disused beetle bores in wood and pithy stems. Since solitary bees and wasps do not defend their nests from people and are easily and safely watched up-close, we can create artful bee habitat walls which provide homes to local solitaries while giving our communities a window to the world of native bees and wasps.

To delve deeper into Sarah’s music, art, and bee installations follow the links below

L i s t e n    Peebles CBC Music   Smash and Teeny CBC Music

S t u d i o  E x c e l o   time-based art with a creamy filling  sarahpeebles.net

R e s o n a t i n g  B o d i e s   

To Register email: thedeaneryproject@gmail.com or call 902-459-1888

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