Heartwood Youth Engagement Recap

HeartWood Centre for Community Youth and the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia organized a hands-on event that brought adults and youth together to explore ways in which youth can become more involved in their communities.

We got warmed up for the day with some mingling games and an energetic little dance.


Then, to connect the dots between talking about getting involved, and actually getting involved, The Deanery Project organized a short service project for the youths and adults to collaborate on. Everyone went outside and broke out into mixed groups, giving them a chance to chat and start the meaningful conversations that would provide inspiration for rest of the workshop. One group harvested potatoes and comfrey, and turned over the soil in the garden, while another group learned about cob, an earth building material, and started repairs on an art installation habitat for solitary pollinating bees.


After lunch, we reflected on our experiences in small groups, each exploring an aspect of the Circle of Awesomeness, formerly known as HeartWood’s Community Youth Development Framework.

Throughout the workshop, Ashton Rodenhiser brought our thoughts to life on the wall with her colourful graphic facilitation.


If you wish you’d been there, don’t worry, HeartWood hosts similar workshops regularly. The next one is at the Banook Canoe Club in Dartmouth. More info here.

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