Bicycle Show & Go Ride (and Meeting)

Since mid-May, we have been hosting “Show & Go” Bike Rides – easy, community rides starting out from the Deanery Project @ 7pm every Wednesday.

The ride is very easy, and on a safe road with little traffic. We go at an easy pace to allow participants to socialize on the way. It’s about the journey, not the destination!

Anyone, of any age or fitness level, who can ride a bike is welcome to join in. Even if you haven’t cycled in years, or think cycling sounds like work, don’t feel intimidated by this easy ride. We are a small friendly group, who like cycling just for the fun of it and want to share the joy of cycling with others.

This week, we will also be having a little discussion to gauge the level of interest in continuing into the fall.

No registration is needed – just show-up and go!
Rides begin at 7pm sharp.

Please bring a helmet and water bottle.
If it rains the ride will automatically be cancelled.

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