Arts & Traditional Skills

Making the transition to an environmentally sustainable world involves changes in the hearts and minds of billions of people.

Art connects us to our imaginations, to each other and to our increasingly fragile planet. The arts have been core community building resources from time immemorial, bringing communities together to celebrate, to remember, to mourn and to plan. The arts are an integral part of all of the Deanery Project’s work.

Learning traditional skills that are fast disappearing in the digital and mechanized world is a great way of discovering the original traditional practice that served as the founding template for many of the things we do, pay “experts” to do, or use machines for. It is also a way of regaining our sense of ownership of our work and our environment for when the exact machine or modern tool isn’t available and we improvise, based on our foundational understanding.  Moreover, it is a lesson in history and an appreciation of traditional rural living.

Artist in Residence at the Deanery Project

We have on-site accommodations for artists from far and near to stay at the Deanery and immerse yourself in your art. We will be posting more information about this amazing opportunity soon.

In the meantime, contact us at 902-845-1888 or to find our more!