Our Story

What’s Our Story?

In 2011 the old Tangier Deanery Centre suddenly came up for sale. It had previously served as a much loved summer youth camp for nearly 75 years. In order to save the property from private development, and keep it in community service a group of local residents, environmental educators and youth-serving organizations formed a non-profit cooperative and were able to purchase the land. The word “Deanery” was retained as part of the new name to acknowledge its history.

The buildings had fallen into disrepair and many committed volunteers rallied in the days after the purchase to make much needed repairs, starting with a new meta roof on the Main Hall. Once the roof was secure, twelve Dalhousie University Architecture students became the first group to hold a program at the Deanery Project.  In a huge burst of inspiration and energy they designed and built the Cob Oven Pavilion, earth-plastered several interior walls, built a compost centre, and milk-painted the exterior of the building, all in the space of nine days!

A key goal for the organization is that all buildings on site should model low impact, energy efficient construction for both new builds and renovations. Natural building and permaculture design principles inform the site plan resulting in interesting inter-related patterns and functions among the buildings.

An important piece of the history of the Deanery Project was a permaculture design workshop where core project members put down on paper graphically many of our long term goals.

The Deanery Project offers both its own programming, and is available for program rentals. Contact us for more program rental information.