The Deanery Project is non-profit cooperative focused on the environment, youth and community, natural building, and the arts. It offers both its own programming, and is available for program rentals.

Located in Ship Harbour, on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia (60 km. east of Halifax) the beautiful ocean front property provides myriad learning, recreational and research opportunities related to our forests, fields, waters and rural living. With vast protected wilderness areas on its doorstep, the Deanery Project is the perfect place to connect with nature and learn ways in which we can live more in harmony with the environment.

We have a dedicated working board and various committees that form the organizational backbone of the Project. Memberships, community grants, private donations, fund-raising events and social enterprise ventures fund the Project.

A commercial kitchen, a 100-person hall, dorm-style accommodation for 20 as well as diverse camping and trail resources all combine to make the Deanery Project a unique location for programs and special events. Our creative, in-house resource team is available to help develop experiential, place-based learning activities to enrich all program needs.


The Deanery Project envisions resilient, prosperous Nova Scotian communities with skilled and resourceful people, living in a thriving natural environment.


The Deanery Project is a rural learning centre and demonstration site, which provides people with education and tools to strengthen their communities and the environment through innovative, hands-on programs in sustainable energy systems, the arts, forest management, natural building, food sovereignty, and healthy living.


Richard Bell, Chair – East Petpetswick
Carlos Garduno, Treasurer – Halifax
Gayle Wilson, Secretary – Tangier
Morgan MacDonald – Halifax
Carol Michaelson – Chezzetcook
Stuart Reddish – East Jeddore
Emma Norton – Halifax

Kim Thompson, Executive Director – Ship Harbour