A Cleaner, Brighter Future: Renewable Energy Workshop for Youth – Aug 14 & 15


A Cleaner, Brighter Future: Renewable Energy Workshop for Youth

Part 1: August 14, 9am to 4pm

Part 2: August 15, 9am to 4pm

Come learn about the amazing ways that clean electricity is generated from the world around us.

These workshops will introduce participants to the basics of electricity, how it is generated, and how it gets from the generation station to your home.

DSC08753 copy 2Participants will gain hands-on experience working with solar panels and model wind turbines to generate electricity. We will experiment with different wind turbine shapes and sizes, and see who can get the most power from their generator.

We will look at examples of small, community-based renewable energy projects around the world that demonstrate how versatile these energy sources are.

We will cover the pro’s and con’s of each renewable energy type that we look at and explore how these systems are being used, not just in Nova Scotia, but across the world to create a cleaner, brighter future for everyone.

Spaces are limited so don’t wait!

Facilitators: Caitlin Smith & Kawlin Rolfe

Ages 13-18
Registration: $40
Please bring a bagged lunch
Location: 37 Deanery Rd, Lower Ship Harbour, NS
Please register by August 11
To register, email: thedeaneryproject@gmail.com or phone: 902-845-1888

image from http://www.ecogeek.org/content/view/2118/86/


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